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Welcome at the Euro OES Forum

Best in Show:

Ch O'La Parisienne with Arthrug Of Reality Dream

Breeder: Alain Labous

Owner: Alain Labous

Judge:  Helen Cousins

# Entries 91



Best opposite:

Ch Reata's Winter

Breeder: Davor Javor

Owner: Davor Javor


Best Minor Puppy

Velvet Rose of Snowboot Bears

Breeder: Chris van Beirendonck-Lembrechts

Owner: Chris van Beirendonck-Lembrechts


Best Puppy

Czarlinda's Unicorn  

Breeder: Erno Lindahl

Owner: Tatu u. Laura Kauppinen


Best Junior

Starshine of Reality Dream

Breeder: Alain Labous

Owner: Eleonóra Jamborová


Best Veteran

Argovian Livin'On Love

Breeder: Claudia Schibler

Owner: Martina Arens


Best Breeders Group



Best Couple

Reata's America & Grizzly Dream Don't Stop Me Now

Owner: Karethe Jakobsen



Full results:


Veteran Class

Excellent 1 Argovian Livin'On Love- Best Veteran in Show

Minor Puppy class:

Very Promising 2. Just Friends You and Me
Very Promising 1. Sealords Rio Grande at Etichetta Nera

Puppy class:

Very Promising 1. Czarlinda's Unicorn - Best Puppy in Show
Very Promising 2. Argovian Quality Choice

Junior class:

Excellent 1 JCAC Spartacus of Reality Dream
Excellent 2 Jean Marais Shaggy Edition
Excellent 3 Born to Raise the Hell De Krismaca
Excellent 4 Youandi Frappuccino
Excellent  Gandalf vom Goitschesee
Excellent  Ambasstown Man In Black to Love
Excellent  Stairway to Heaven Surprise Party
Excellent  Alfred Dunhill Dolcevita Golden Years

Champion class:

Excellent 1 CAC, BOS, RBIS: Reata's Winter
Excellent 2 RCAC Oracle of Reality Dream
Excellent 3 Reata's Vector Space
Excellent 4 Air Zeppeline Hercules Junior of Mat 'N Nik
Excellent  Mister Hokuspokus from Beautiful Highland
Excellent  Grizzly Dream Don't Stop Me Now
Excellent  Reata's Van Gogh
Excellent  Shaggy Beauty Dance The Night Away
Excellent  Aryakas Vasilios
Absent    Bottom Shaker The Greatest Picture

Open Class:

Excellent 1, CAC Aryakas Xenophom
Excellent 2, R.CAC Melleonär's Go For Gold at Jandoes
Excellent 3 Reata's Blue Pirate,
Excellent 4 Shero Woo Comachero
Excellent Valentino Dolcevita Golden Years
Very Good Claudius Karina Bohemia
Very Good Apple's Angel Capitan Harlock
Very Good Silvery Bear Göd Captain




Veteran class:

Excellent 1   Easy Loving Enola vom Zigeunerhäusl
Very Good 2 Shaggy Beauty Cover Girl

Minor puppy class:

Very Promising 1 Velvet Rose of Snowboot Bears - Best Minor Puppy
Very promising 2  Sealords Raggedy Ann
Very promising 3 Apple's Angel Mon Cheri
Very Promising 4 Apple's Angel Anna Karenina

Puppy class:

Very Promising 1 Argovian Quest for Love

Junior class:

Excellent 1 CACJ Starshine of Reality Dream Best - Junior in Show
Excellent 2 Ambasstown Midnight Madness
Excellent 3 Stairway to Heaven Saperlipopette
Excellent 4 Enchant Key to my Heart
Excellent    Mag Garit's Amelie
Excellent    My sweet Love Abigail
Excellent    Mag Garit's Antonia
Very Good  Apple's Angel J'Adore
Very Good  Sugar Kane Modrý kanon
Absent       Puttin' on the Ritz de Krismaca
Absent       Ambasstown my Dream of Paradise

Intermediate class:

Excellent 1 CAC Air Zeppeline Ludinda of Mat N' Nik
Excellent 2 R.CAC The Amazing Piper of Snowboot Bears,
Excellent 3 Sissi Modrý kaňon,
Excellent 4 Apple's Angel Celeste Nostalgia
Excellent    Blizzards Crystal princess

Champion class:

Excellent 1, CAC O'La Parisienne with Arthrug of Reality Dream
Excellent 2, R.CAC Air Zeppeline Helena
Excellent 3 Czarlinda's Quite Easy to Love
Excellent 4 Niedersachsens-Pride Lilly Rose
Excellent  Fidelis vom Zigeunerhäusl
Excellent  Reata's Yorkville at Kindamagic
Excellent  Shaggy Blue Bob's Zumba Babe
Excellent  Quendolina Modrý kaňon
Excellent  Air Zeppeline Gaia Triana
Excellent  Silvery Bear Göd Betty
Excellent  Fluffy Hurricane Apple Pie
Absent    Apple's Angel Pretty Woman,
Absent    Beauvallon Annabella of Aryakas

Open class:
Excellent 1 CAC, Air Zeppeline Irene
Excellent 2 R.CAC Olympe of Reality Dream
Excellent 3 Isabelle a Child of Gwenhwyfar
Excellent 4 Silvermoon's Aenne
Excellent  Czarlinda's Ready to Rumble
Excellent  Reata's America
Excellent  Shaggy Blue Bob's Blueberry Cheesecake
Excellent  Yianna Nannini von den Blue Zottels
Excellent  Shaggy Blue Bob's Undercover Girl
Excellent  Czarlinda's Royal Heritage
Excellent  Old Sheeptorps Call Me Grizzlydream
Excellent  Danish Delight Again A New Beginning
Excellent  Atomica dei Nobilpazzi
Excellent  Antea Demabo
Excellent  She is the One of Snowboot Bears
Excellent  Apple's Angel Miss Dior
Excellent  Aryakas Xenia
Excellent Aryakas Visiliki
Excellent  Victoria's Secret Dolcevita Golden Years
Excellent  Fluffy Hurricane Betsy
Very Good Enchant Jasmine Moon Light
Absent     Reding's Retreat Wings of Love Silver Whirlwind  




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